Frequently Asked Questions



StayKlear's New Advanced Formula provides a unique combination of ingredients. The active ingredient is Ethyl Alcohol at 63% by volume. This is an antiseptic that reduces the bacteria and viruses on your skin that can cause diseases. StayKlear® also contains ingredients that help to clean, moisturize, and nourish your skin so it can be used frequently without damaging your skin. Our proprietary formula includes Copper G2®, Vitamin B3, and Pro-vitamin B5. Each of the ingredients in StayKlear has been specially selected to be compatible with the antiseptic activity of the formula.

StayKlear has been specially formulated with ingredients to care for your skin so it can be used many times each day -- to provide protection wherever you may encounter germs. Alcohol sanitizers can dry your skin. StayKlear has been formulated to avoid this. Thus, you can have StayKlear with you all day - when you prepare food, in the bathroom, at your workstation, in the gym, at the store, in the car, in the classroom, or at the restaurant. As with any hand sanitizer, please discontinue use if irritation or a rash appears and lasts. You may wish to consult your doctor.

The distinctive blue color is from the Copper G2® complex made up of the copper plus 2 ion, glycine and gluconate. Copper is increasingly recognized for its skin care benefits and Copper G2 has been specially included for its skin nutrient properties. There are no artificial dyes in StayKlear.

StayKlear Multi-Care combines multiple benefits. Most alcoholic hand sanitizers instantly kill germs, but frequent use can leave skin dry and rough. StayKlear has been formulated to preserve a potent antiseptic action against a broad spectrum of germs while also enhancing the cleaning, moisturizing, and nourishing of your skin for healthier looking skin.

You should use StayKlear whenever you would come in contact with germs and you don’t have access to soap and water to thoroughly wash your hands and skin. This could be many times each day. Use enough StayKlear lotion to thoroughly cover both hands – palms and backs. Rub hands together and work into nails to thoroughly clean. The alcohol in StayKlear will evaporate leaving your hands feeling clean and smooth while the ingredients in StayKlear stay to moisturize and nourish your skin.

If spilled, please clean StayKlear up immediately.  StayKlear is easily washed away with water or soap and water and should not stain. There can be discoloration if the product is not removed. Be sure to follow any cleaning instruction for the fabric or surface if water cannot be used.

Yes! The cleansers and exfoliating ingredients in StayKlear Multi-Care help to remove dead skin and dirt from your hands to better protect from germs. The moisturizers, vitamins, and nutrients such as Copper G2® in StayKlear then help to nourish the skin for cleaner and healthier looking skin.

There is nothing wrong with the product. With exposure to air, some of the copper in StayKlear forms a copper oxide which can be dark brown. This coloration does not affect the efficacy. However, we do recommend, if the bottle has not been used in some time, the first squirt can be discarded to eliminate this brownish copper oxide.

Yes - StayKlear uses natural fragrances to provide a fresh, clean smell.

StayKlear is safe on children’s hands. However, we recommend that children under 6 should be supervised when using any hand sanitizer. A hand sanitizer should never be ingested. Thus, if swallowed, get medical help or contact a Poison Control Center right away.


StayKlear is currently available through Amazon.

World Vision

StayKlear is excited to partner with World Vision to build a better world for children! Through a Charitable Sales Promotion Agreement, 10% of StayKlear Multi-Care sales are donated to World Vision in the form of product. World Vision then distributes our Hand Sanitizer Lotion to where it is most needed.